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Trips and Tours

Outdoor Recreation takes you on adventures all over Europe. We provide overnight trips to nearby must-see hotspots, such as Prague and Paris; weekend trips to resort destinations ranging from Spain to Croatia; and various adventure sports, such as skiing/snowboarding, skydiving and mountain biking. Out calendar of trips is continually being added to and updated, so be sure to view our upcoming outings here.

Prior to accepting registration and payment over the phone, customers must verify their ID cardholder status in person and finalize the creation of an account in our payment system.

Volunteer Opportunities

Trip Captains.jpg

Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation is looking for volunteers to be trip captains for leisure and adventure trips throughout the year, going to various locations in Germany and Europe.

Responsible adults who are interested in leading group trips are wanted. Applicants should enjoy traveling, people and adventure.

Most trips will happen over the weekends.

If you are interested, please register in the Volunteer Management Information System and get in touch with the Outdoor Recreation staff for detailed information. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9801 or send an email by CLICKING HERE.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental

Here's a list of the equipment available and prices

Information for Bikers

Choose the correct bike

So Your Child Wants a Bike

Bike Safety Information

Biking Presentation

Bike To Work

1000 Kilometer Biking Club Program

Ski and Snowboard Repair Shop

Outdoor Recreation has a full service Ski and Snowboard Maintenance and Repair Shop. Services include everything from edging and hot wax to full service with stone grinding, P-Texing, binding adjustments and installation.

Additional services are available upon request. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9801 to make an appointment.

Warrior Adventure Quest

Wiesbaden's Warrior Adventure Quest program featured on Army home page:


The Paintball Field at Clay North is available by advance reservation to those contacting Outdoor Recreation.

Availability is anytime during daylight hours, space permitting.

Field Fee, 1-20 per Person = $25
Field Fee, 21 and up, per Person = $20

Accessories Package Included in price per person

Paintballs = $20 per case of 500 pieces

To book a reservation, groups must pay $250 for a field fee. This also covers the first 10 equipment packages.

Policies and Regulation governing the Sport of Paintball in Germany:

In accordance with Army Europe Regulation 190-16 (Installation Access Control) only 4 guests are allowed to be signed in per I.D. Card holder.

Local Nationals are not allowed to purchase non-consumables, rent equipment nor pay any service/participation fees.

All bonafide guests must be registered on the AE Form 190-16F with both the sponsors and guest information completely filled out. (All consumable like paintballs must be exhausted on the property prior to departure).

In accordance with Army Europe Regulation 215-144 (Paintball SOP) all paintball players and operations must be within 100% compliance with German Law regarding the sport of paintball.

Minimum age is 18 years for all ID card holders and non ID card holders. Proof of age may be required at registration.

ACU's, BDU's or any type of camouflage clothing is not permitted on the field during normal operating days. US Army Military Training is the only exception to this rule.

All paintball markers, to include personal markers, must have the German “F” stamp

Maximum velocity for paintballs is 7.5 Joules or 214 FPS

No alcohol may be consumed before or during paintball

Hunting, Fishing and Sport Shooting

Click HERE to visit Wiesbaden's Hunting, Fishing and Sport Shooting Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out what equipment is available for rental? Answer: Our rental equipment and associated prices are listed above.

2. What are the rates for equipment rental? Answer: Our rental equipment and associated prices, are listed in Inside MWR. 

3. How do I sign up for a tour or event? Answer: You can stop by The Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation Center to sign up in person, or you can contact our office by phone (0611-143-548-9801 / DSN: 548-9801). If you contact us by phone, you will need to provide us with your credit card information for the 20 percent down payment.

4. Where can I get my bike repaired? Answer: Outdoor Recreation has a bike maintenance program. We suggest that you call in advance to make an appointment for bike service.

5. Who is allowed to go on Outdoor Recreation tours/events? Answer: ID cardholders and their guests are allowed to go on our trips. If you are sponsoring a non-ID cardholder, then you must accompany that individual on the trip.

6. How can I see upcoming trips for the next six months? Answer: Our trips are listed here on our website, by selecting Outdoor Recreation and scrolling down to the calendar.

7. How early should I reserve equipment/bus/venue? Answer: You can reserve equipment up to one week prior. Full payment is required at the time of the reservation. Units can rent equipment as far out as one month. There is no limitation on bus requests. A 50 percent deposit is required to confirm the reservation, however.

8. Are there driving directions available? Answer: We can provide driving directions as needed.

9. Where can I find local campground information? Answer: Just call our office and we can provide you information and website links to camping within Germany. 

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