Wiesbaden Library

Hours of Operation

Please note: The Library has reopened for patron visits. Face coverings are required. Also note: With the reopening, the Patron Request Pick-up Service will be discontinued on July 30. Patrons can once again log into their "My Account" to request items and may once again request items from other Army Libraries in Europe through the Army Europe Interlibrary Loan program

Monday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
U.S. Federal and German Holidays Closed


Clay Kaserne
Bldg. 1029
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WiFi Available

Handicap Accessible

+49 (0)611-143-548-9821

Military DSN Tel:

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Green Boot Certified Program (read more about the program hereGreen Boot Small.jpg




 On the U.S. Army Europe Libraries Web site: 

  • Wireless Internet
  • Handicap accessible
  • After hours book drop
  • Areas for working or lounging
  • Tours (upon request)
  • Reference help
  • Web catalog computers: 2
  • Internet computers: 24
  • 1 self check out station
  • Photocopier: free black and white (15 page limit)
  • Digital sender (only for mail.mil e-mail addresses)
  • TV with DVD/CD player
  • Gaming consoles: Playstation 3 and XBox 360
Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

To view the policy and a list of spaces available visit: Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

American Girl Doll and Lego Block Party Photos
Frequently Asked Questions

To view the policy and a list of spaces available visit: Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

1. How can I find the library website? Answer: The library’s catalog is located at http://mwrlibrary.armybiznet.com/screens~S102/europe.html. For information about upcoming events and contact information visit our site at http://wiesbaden.armymwr.com/europe/wiesbaden/programs/wiesbaden-library.

2. How do I become a library cardholder? Answer: Simply stop into the library with a valid ID card (sponsor or spouse) and we will gladly establish an account for you and any ID card holding family members. The following are eligible for an account:


  • Active Duty/Spouses
  • Retirees
  • DoD Civilians
  • Children with IDs (must be established by Sponsor or Spouse)
  • Contract Personnel
  • Local National Employees
  • State Department Employees
  • US Embassy Staff


3. Is there a limit on the number of books to be checked out at a time? Answer: There is no limit on the number of books (including audiobooks) that can be checked out. DVDs are limited to 10 per account, Video games are limited to two per account, and music CDs are limited to 15 per account.

4. Can I check out books, movies, and CDs together? Answer: Yes. As long as you do not exceed the individual item limits -- so unlimited books + 10 DVDs + two video games + 15 Music CDs = tons of fun!

5. How long may I check items out for? Answer: The lending period depends on the type of material that you are borrowing:


  • Books & Music CDs -- three weeks plus two 2 renewals
  • Video Games -- two weeks plus two renewals
  • DVDs one to two weeks plus one renewal
  • Lending periods may be shortened for items with high demand. 


6. Can I order items from other libraries? Answer: Yes. To borrow items from another library in the Army Europe Library system, a request must be placed on the item in the Web catalog. You may place your own requests from home using your My Account, or you may ask your library’s circulation desk staff for assistance placing requests. All libraries lend all circulating materials (e.g. non-circulating materials include reference materials and magazines). For questions about placing requests, please contact a librarian staff member.

7. What happens if I lose a library item?  Answer: Library items borrowed by you or your dependents remain your responsibility until the items are returned to the library. If an item is lost, it must be replaced according to our Library Materials Replacement Policy. Contact us for more information.

8. How will I get notified if a library item is past due? Answer:  We will send an email to the email address we have on file to notify you if an item is past due. With "My Account," you can also check the status of your account and renew items online.

9. What kind of events or promotions do you put on? Answer: We provide a variety of programs for children and adults. For current and upcoming events, visit our webpage at http://wiesbaden.armymwr.com/europe/wiesbaden/programs/wiesbaden-library

10. Can you download E-books to your phone or tablet? Answer: Yes. The Library has downloadable E-books, E-Audio Books, E-Magazines, E-Video and even E-Classes. To learn more stop in and speak with a staff member, or explore the options on your own under the e-content tab at  http://mwrlibrary.armybiznet.com/screens~S102/europe.html.