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Automotive Skills

When requesting service by email, be sure to include your telephone number; otherwise, the staff cannot contact you to arrange a service time. Email requests without a phone point of contact CANNOT be accepted. 

*** Please keep in mind that NO NEW WORK is accepted ONE HOUR BEFORE CLOSURE and that clean-up starts 30 minutes prior to closure. Also, no parking in front of the gate. ***


*** NEW: Auto Glass Repair

The Wiesbaden Automotive Skills Center offers auto glass repair and replacement of any kind -- U.S. and European specification vehicles.

Additional services include:

  • Mobile calibration for U.S. and European-spec. vehicles
  • Ordering of glass and auto parts (U.S. and European)
  • APO shipping of glass and auto parts
  • Appraisal for any type of glass and collision damage
  • Free legal assistance during glass or collision insurance claims
  • Half damage repair for glass and body 
  • Professional window tinting
Price List

Rental & Storage Fees

Lift Bay With Tools

$12 Per Hour

Flat Bay With Tools

$10 Per Hour

Motorcycle Lift

$10 Per Hour

Bench Fee

$5 Per Hour

Under Body Wash Bay

$25 (+$20 if we do it)

Vehicle Storage

$2 Per Day

Overnight Storage in Bay

$10 Bay Fees Apply

Computer Scan Diagnostic

Read Codes 

$25 (+Hourly Labor Rate)

Erase Codes Only 


Smoke Test for EVAP Codes 

$25 (+Hourly Labor Rate)

Suspension Service (With Your Parts)

2-Wheel Alignment


4-Wheel Alignment 


Alignment Check w/o Adjustment $30

Suspension Test Lane  


Strut Service

$150 Minimum Per Axle

Press In Bearing

$125 Minimum

TPMS Service

Replace TPMS Sensor Only (Relearn Not Included)

$20 Each

Install Sensor Service Kit  

$20 Each

Test For Faulty Sensor Only 


Reset System After Tire Rotation 


Reset and Relearn System


Surcharge for Generic Sensor Programming 

$5 Each

Tire Service (With Your Parts)

Tire Rotation Only (TPMS ReProgramming Extra If Required)


Seasonal Tire Change (For Tires Already Mounted on Rims)


Remove & Replace Tire 

$5 Each 

Balance Tire (Pound On) 

$8 Each And Tire Removal

Balance Tire (Adhesive)

$10 Each And Tire Removal

Unmount And Mount Tire

$10 Each And Applicable Surcharge

Surcharge For Run Flat Tires


Surcharge 45 Profile & Below

$5 Each

Surcharge For 235 Profile And Up

$5 Each

Surcharge 19" Rims & Over

$5 Each

4-Tire Mount/Balance (Pound On) 

$85 Plus Applicable Surcharges

4-Tire Mount/Balance (Adhesive)

$95 Plus Applicable Surcharges

Valve Stems

$4 Each

Plug Tire

$12 Plus Applicable Surcharges

Tool Rental Fees

Rental Type


Parts Washer

$10 Per Half Hour

Sand Blast Cabinet 

$10 Per Half Hour 




$25 Each 15 Minutes

Battery Charger



$5 Plus $10 Staff Assist

Strut Compressor

$10 Plus $20 Staff Assist

Acetylene Torch

$10 Each 10 Minute Use

Propane Torch


Tire-Mounting Machine

$5 Each Tire

Tire Balancer

$5 Each Tire

Power and Pneumatic Tools

$3 Each

General Service (With Your Parts)

Hourly Labor Rates 

$79 (Additional Charges May Be Applied For Seized, Rusted or Broken Fasteners)

Oil Change 

$29 ($10 Surcharge For Underbody Cover Removal and $10 Scan Tool Reset if Required)

Battery Replacement 

$18 Minimum 

Test Battery/Alternator 


Replace Light Bulb

$10 Minimum

Replace Wiper Blades

$10 Minimum

Pre-Purchase Inspection



A/C Service

Recover And Recharge 

$50 Plus R134A

R134A Price Per Ounce 

12 Cents Each Gram

Recover Only 


A/C Nitrogen Pressure Test


Brake Service (With Your Parts)

Replace Pads Only

$79 Per Axle

Replace Pads & Rotors 

$129 Per Axle

Replace Drum Brake Shoes 

$179 (Plus $20 Per Wheel Cylinder)  

Bleed Brakes At Wheels


Brake Fluid Flush


Brake Test


   Surcharge Pads/Elec. Park Brake


   Surcharge Integrated Park Brake


Towing Service

Off-Post Towing

$95 & $1 KM Round Trip

Clay Kaserne 


Mainz Kastel, Aukamm And Hainerberg Housing 


Crane Surcharge


No Key Surcharge


Parking Garage Clay Surcharge


MP Impound Towing Fee


Locked Out (Limited Service)

$60 Minimum

Service Availability and Appointments


After a full- spectrum review of our services and based on customer feedback, the Automotive Skills Center is making some adjustments to our services. In order to better serve you, support our core mission of self-help repairs and allow for more availability of stalls and lifts on weekends, the Auto Skills Center has adjusted the availability of many of our full-service repairs.

Most full service repairs will be offered exclusively during the week, and no longer on weekends or training holidays. We will still perform A/C service and tire mounting and balance during all days of operation. Please be aware that you must bring your own parts and supplies for any work to be performed.

Oil change services will remain available during all days of operation, by appointment, and are released on a first-come, first-served basis.

All other requests for full service will be completed during the week only using the scheduling options outlined below.

Weekday appointment options and definitions:

Appointment: You are given priority over walk-in and drop-off customers. You can wait, but we reserve the right to use the full day to complete the work. We will do our best to complete the work as soon as possible. In order to make an appointment, call or stop by the Automotive Skills Center and reserve a space in one of the bays or to make an appointment for services. Reservations and appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you arrive more than five minutes late for your scheduled time, the reservation or appointment will be forfeited.

Drop Off: With this option please call us prior, you drop your vehicle off when we open and we will generally have it complete by the end of the day. We work on vehicles in the order received after completion of appointments. This is the best option to use if appointments are too far out to fit your needs. In most cases, we can complete the work by the end of the day. During extremely busy times, we may not be able to accept drop offs depending on the current work load, so it's best to give us a call before stopping by the center. Drop offs are generally limited to two per day.

Walk-in: You'll stop in without an appointment and wait until work on your car is complete. This is the least desirable option and in most cases you will be asked to set up an appointment, as you may experience a long wait or may not be seen that day, depending on the work load and bays available.

If we are unable to meet your needs or time line for service, we can offer some off-post options. Please understand that these are only options and we are in no way endorsing the services provided by off-post vendors.

Availability of services, by day:

Oil changes: Available Tuesday – Sunday, including Training Holidays, by appointment

A/C service: Available Tuesday – Sunday, including Training holidays, by appointment.

Tire Mounting and Balancing: Available Tuesday – Sunday, including Training Holidays, by appointment.

All other full service repairs: Available Tuesday – Friday, with the exception of Training Holidays, by appointment.

Self Help Services: Self-Help Bay reservations are available for the first time slot of the day only and are limited to the number of bays available. If no bays are available for reservation, you can walk in on a space-available basis. 

We appreciate your feedback and understanding in allowing us to continue to provide our best possible service to you!

Oil Change: Do it yourself or Speedy Lube services

Full Service Oil Change:  You may call or EMAIL US to make an appointment.  Please call DSN 548-9817 or civ (0611) 143-548-9817 to make an appointment during our regular business hours (Tuesday to Sunday) for us to change your oil and filter. When emailing for an appointment, please include a phone number and vehicle information. Walk in service is available on a space available and first come-first serve basis after 3 p.m. Tuesday to Friday. You may bring your own oil and filter or you have the option to purchase them from the Auto Skills. If you choose to purchase supplies from us, please contact us ahead of time with your vehicle information, this enables us to ensure what you need is in stock when you arrive. The service fee is $29, plus the varying costs of the filter and oil.  There is a surcharge of $10 to remove under body covers and $10 charge for systems that require a scan tool reset of the service indicator lamp.

Self-Service: No bay appointment necessary on a first come, first-served basis or you may choose to reserve a bay if available for the first time slot of the day, noon Tuesday to Friday, or 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The bay fee is $12 per hour with all the tools you will need. You bring your own oil filter or you can purchase from the Auto Skills. If you plan on purchasing your oil and filter from the Auto Skills, please call ahead to ensure we have what you need before you visit us.

Please note that oil change appointments are generally booked up about a week out, so please plan ahead if you are planning a trip and you want to change your oil beforehand.

Helpful Tip: If walking in for an oil change, avoid visiting the shop at the top of each hour as this is when our scheduled appointments are arriving.

Car Wash Tokens



Vehicle Donation/Disposal

Time to get rid of that old clunker? The Auto Skills Center will take that old car off your hands and make sure that it is properly disposed of. We will provide you with all the paperwork you need to clear vehicle registration. The cost of $30 saves you the time and hassle of clearing U.S. and German customs. (Please note a hybrid vehicle surcharge of $100 is charged for removal and disposal requirements for hybrid batteries.)

If you have a POV that you no longer want or need, donate it to MWR. Even if it is inoperable, the Auto Skills Center can tow it in for donation.

CLICK HERE to view a short video and to see the Vehicle Donation Procedures.
Vehicle Sales by Auction

Looking to purchase a car? The Auto Skills Center offers previously donated cars sold by auction. Stop by the shop and take a look at our available vehicles. Or you can also view the available auction cars on Facebook. To take part in our auctions simply stop by up to 30 minutes before the start of the auction to register.

The auction is available to U.S. ID cardholders only, and all vehicles must be registered with USAREUR registration. 

Keep in mind that vehicles are sold as-is. Many of our vehicles come with free labor for the repair of USAREUR inspection faults; parts not included. All our vehicles are pre-inspected for faults and are either fixed or identified to help you in your purchase decision. Please understand that this does not guarantee that all faults are found.

For more information on how the auction works, just place a call to the Auto Skills Center staff and they will gladly answer your questions.

Or visit the Auto Skills Center on Facebook.

Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

To view the policy and a list of spaces available visit: Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

Auto Skills Center Photos
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Resale Lot

Looking to sell your vehicle? Place your car in the Resale Lot! The Resale Lot is located between the Wiesbaden Lodge and the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center. This is a great place to sell since it's located near many of Wiesbaden's newcomers! To register your vehicle for the Resale Lot, fill out a permit and then take it to the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center. The cost is $30 for 30 days. For more information about the Resale Lot and to check availability of space, please contact the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of payment are accepted? Answer: All major credit cards, debit card, check or money order and cash (No STAR Cards) 

2. What age do my children need to be to work in the bay area with me? Answer: 14 years old or a responsible adult accompanying youth under age 14, unless the youths are enrolled in a program designed specifically to meet their developmental level (motor skills and maturation rate). 

3. Do I need to show proof of ownership before signing my vehicle into the shop? Answer: Yes, you will be asked to show your ID and current registration in your name and we will ensure these match. You can bring someone along to help you on your vehicle repairs, we do ask that the owner remain with the vehicle.  

4. Can I perform fuel maintenance? Answer: Yes 

5. When is the last time the Auto Skills Center takes customers? Answer: Last sign-in for the Auto Skills is one hour before closing -- clean-up must begin 30 minutes before closing.  

6. What is the towing service number? Answer: Towing can be scheduled during regular business hours by calling DSN  548-9817 or civ (0611) 143-548-9817. 

7. How can I make an appointment/reservation? Answer: Need a bay for some upcoming maintenance or maybe you need us to provide some services on your car? Avoid the wait -- call or stop by the Automotive Skills Center today and reserve a space in one of the bays or to make an appointment for services. The Automotive Skills Center will take reservations and appointments for the first time slot of the day (12 p.m. on weekdays or 10 a.m. on weekends and training holidays). Reservations and Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis up to one week in advance and are limited to five per day. If you show up more than five minutes late for your scheduled time, the reservation or appointment will be forfeited. Reservations and appointments can be made in person at the Auto Skills Center or by calling. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments and reservations will be given priority.  

8. Is a safety class required to use the Auto Skills? Yes, you will be asked to view a five-minute slide presentation covering safety and environmental considerations, you will be issued a card and be asked to sign a roster for completion.

9. How do I donate my vehicle to Auto Sklls? Please CLICK HERE to view a short video and to see the steps required to donate your vehicle.

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