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The Wiesbaden Arts and Crafts Center offers many of the services you've come to expect at a crafts store on a European Army base. Activities exist for people of all skill levels with friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to help bring your creative ideas to life. Our range of services and products includes: 

  • Framing, both as custom and do-it-yourself (FRAME SHOP IS OPEN)
  • Laser engraving plaques and trophies
  • Custom or do-it-yourself woodworking projects
  • Wide product range that includes craft, sewing, knitting and scrapbooking supplies for purchase
  • Modern equipment for do-it-yourself work

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Graphics and Plaques

Our plaque department produces plaque mounted memorabilia, awards and farewell gifts to your specifications. Full color sublimation travel and coffee mugs are also offered.

Wood Shop

The Wood Shop houses two workshops -- the Frame Shop and the Wood Shop -- and offers framing services and classes. We have plenty of machines to make your job easier, from jigsaws to drill presses. If you need a hand completing a project, look no further than our knowledgeable staff.

We offer both full service and DIY access to those who have completed the Woodshop Safety Class. Although we don't sell wood here, we know where to send you depending on your needs.

  • Please note: A safety and orientation course must be completed before using the facilities. 
  • OSHA rules apply; no loose-fitting clothing or open-toed shoes are allowed
  • Food and beverages are strictly prohibited
Picture Framing

Our experienced frame shop staff can frame just about anything you bring to us. With prices far lower than those on the economy, we invite you to come in and see our selection of frames. We have hundreds of frame profiles to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes, programs and services do you offer?

Programs and classes offered:

·         DIY Picture Framing

·         DIY Woodworking

·         Long Arm quilting

·         Seasonal and special interest classes

Inquire within if you have an area of interest not listed on our calendar.

Available custom services:

·         Engraving

·         Wood work

·         Picture Framing

What are the requirements to use the facilities?

The Frame Shop and Wood Shop are the only studios that have certification/safety requirements prior to use. Certification classes for the Frame Studio are offered the first Saturday of every month. The Wood Shop Safety certification classes are offered on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

How do I register for classes?

You can register at the Arts and Crafts Center during normal operating hours.

When is the earliest and latest I can sign up for an activity?

This varies by the class offered. For our regularly scheduled classes, you may register up to one month prior to the class. For special or one-off classes, you may register as soon as the activity is in our RecTrac system, usually a couple of weeks prior to class. Registration cutoff is typically possible 48 hours prior to class start date, but may be extended in certain circumstances. The minimum number of participants must be reached by the 48-hour deadline in order for the class to run. Payment is required at the time of registration.

What is the cancellation policy for classes?

Full refunds will be given to customers who cancel 48 hours prior to class day or previous business day if class is on Tuesday.

Are their age restrictions to use the facility or attend classes?

Due to equipment and safety policies, the following age restrictions apply:

·         The frame shop is restricted to ages 16 and over

·         The wood shop is restricted to ages 16 and over

·         For classes, dependents under the age of 16 must be accompanied and kept line-of-sight at all times, unless the instructor has all required background checks and certifications in place. Our Art and Guitar instructors are fully vetted to teach children, for example.

Can I have my artwork shipped to me?

We recommend that customers pick up their own projects and personally pack for mailing if needed. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept U.S. dollars, all major credit/debit cards and checks. Euros are not accepted.

How long does a framing project take?

The typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks and completely dependent upon staffing and workloads. Generally, we try to keep it to 2 weeks. Rushes are occasionally possible and should be discussed with staff on a case-by-case basis.

How long does an engraving project take?

We ask that we be given a week lead time, but have managed turnaround times of much less.

Do you offer private classes?

Private classes can be scheduled based on the availability of the instructors. Most private classes require a minimum of 9 individuals, but others can be done with a minimum of 3-4. Come in and see what we can offer you!

Can I organize a class at another location?

This is occasionally done and as long as the owner/manager of the location is in agreement, we can potentially take our classes to other locations. Depending on the activity and supplies needed, the Arts & Crafts Center may be a more suitable location, but certain classes travel just fine! Our Canvas and Corkscrews are always held, for example, outside the Arts and Crafts.

Can I volunteer to teach classes?

Definitely! We are always looking for volunteers to help diversify what we offer at the Arts & Crafts Center. Register through the Volunteer Corps at ACS and come by to show us what you would like to offer!

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Wood Shop Safety Class

This class is required to use the Wood Shop

Dec 6 5 pm - 6 pm

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