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Youth Centers

Youth Center

The Youth Center also known as the Teen Center or Middle School/Teen (MS/T) Program is a CYS designated program geared to accommodate youth who are in grades 6th-12th (typically 11-18 years of age). They offer fun-filled activities daily after school and on some Saturdays. During the summer vacation all field trips are offered at a nominal fee on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to complement the free summer afternoon program. Parents can participate with their children on Saturday Family City Tours.

The Center partners with 4-H Clubs and Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to bring enhanced curriculum and other opportunities to our children and youth. Activities are planned to meet the five Youth Program Service Areas: Sports, Fitness, and Recreation; The Arts; Health, Wellness and Life Skills; Character and Leadership Development; and Education Support and Career Development. Programs are intended to offer positive alternatives that will minimize "at risk" behavior during parental duty hours.

Activity Areas

B-Ball Court    -    Weather permitting, this area can be used for basketball, volleyball,  table tennis, BBQs and other outdoor activities.

Technology Lab    -   Lab allows controlled computer access for learning and fun. New Mac books, and ten iPads are available.  Virtual reality activities regularly take place.

Home Work Room    -    A quiet place with a staff member available for assistance is available for one hour every day. Youth have the opportunity to finish their homework before going home.

Teen Room    -    High school students can socialize and relax. Four large screen TVs are available for movies and video games. A large selection of board and card games are also available. A full-size billiard and Fuss ball table can be used. A dance floor with disco lights and recording booth add a flair.

Middle School Area    -    Middle school students have a similar area to the Teen Room. Free snacks are served every school day and before week day field trips for all youth in the program who wish to take advantage of it.


Keystone Club   -   This is the premier BGCA club for high schoolers equating to the HS student council. There are opportunities for community service and developing leadership skills. Throughout the school year youth have an opportunity to complete a Youth of the Year (YOTY) packet with a chance to represent the Wiesbaden Community at the regional level. The regional winner then has an opportunity to advance to the BGCA’s Military Youth of the Year where there is an opportunity to win money for college scholarships.

Other BGCA clubs   -   Torch Club is a middle school leadership club that is offered for ages 11-13 and Smart Girls and Wise Guys are offered for both middle and high school.

4-H Clubs   - The full range of 4-H materials are available at the center. The most popular club is the gardening club.

 Flight Club   -   Once a week youth go to a large indoor area to fly radio controlled aircraft. They learn about the basics of aviation.

Art Club   -   The club meets weekly to participate in various art mediums. Youth artwork is forwarded every year to a central site to take part in the BGCA sponsored Art Competition.

Student2Student (S2S)   -   This program is conducted in conjunction with the DODDS schools and the CYS School Liaison Officer.  Current students act as sponsors to incoming youth to ease transition.

Youth Sponsorship Registration

Please send an email to the School Liaison Officer (SLO) to request a sponsor:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the summer camp weekly schedule? Answer: In the Youth Centers -- and a monthly calendar is mailed to the parents of all registered youth.
2. Where can I find trip schedules for specific teen/youth centers? Answer: In the Youth Centers -- and a monthly calendar is mailed to the parents of all registered youth
3. How do I sign my child up for an after school program? Answer:  Parents must register the youth at Parent Central Services, Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1213.
4. What is the age restriction for the Youth Center Activity Rooms? Answer: Youth must be in the sixth to 12th grade to participate.
5. What clubs are offered? Debate Club, Art Club, Power Hour, Keystone and Torch, Chess, Lego, Smart Girls, Wise Guys, Bowling
6. Are all of the programs offered through the Youth Centers free? If not, how much do they cost? Answer: All programs in the Youth Center are free, except field trips. 
7. Are there after school programs for elementary school aged children? Answer: Yes, there are two School-Age Centers in Wiesbaden.
8. Where are the Youth Center Activity Rooms? Answer: In Bldg. 7884, Hainerberg Youth Center.
9. After enrollment, when can my child use the Youth Centers? Answer: As soon as the child’s pass is activated, he or she may participate right away.

10. Do the buses take students to the Youth Centers if needed? Answer: No. The Youth Center is located within walking distance of both the middle and high school.

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