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Unit Funds

Establish or renew Unit Funds

The following is required:

  1.  A current alpha roster or MTOE plus a memo signed by the commander which states how many soldiers the unit is authorized and how many are currently active and attached. The number of soldiers indicated in these documents will be used to determine the amount of funds the unit will receive for the fiscal year.
  2. A signed DA Form 1687. This form denotes who is authorized to conduct unit fund business and receive funds. Here's the form: Fillable DA 1687.pdf
  3. An assumption of command letter or memo from the commander.

Once your Unit Fund account has been established your unit may request 

funds. To request funds, please draft a memo of request stating the dates and nature of the event and what is to be purchased. Be as specific as possible. See the Unit Activity Funds memorandum sample (Request for Unit Funds Memo Sample.pdf) for your reference. Please be advised, due to end of the year time limitations, Sept. 15 of each year is the cut-off date for any valid request to be processed and funds withdrawn. 

Unit Fund Custodian duties

The unit's Unit Fund Custodian is responsible for maintaining a file to include copies of all receipts for expenditures. The original receipts for expenditures will be turned in to the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator within three working days of the event. Additional funds will not be paid out until all receipts for prior events are received.

Expenditure of Unit Funds

Unit funds may be expended for:

  1. Recreational articles, services and activities.
  2. Unit histories and related materials for presentation to all unit members and new members when they join the unit.

Unit funds may not be expended for:

  1. Non-recreational items to include maintenance or service of non-recreational items.
  2. Maintenance of property for which unit funds are not accountable or responsible.
  3. Unit/Company Guidon (unit flag) purchases.
  4. Articles that may be requisitioned from stock and obtained with appropriated funds.
  5. Awards and trophies that qualify for procurement with appropriated funds, specifically those awards that pertain to mission accomplishment.
  6. Procurement of articles or services which are not the collective benefit of all military members in the unit.
  7. Any military uniform items except distinctive insignia which are supported by appropriated funds are not authorized.
  8. The purpose of honoring outgoing and/or incoming commanders, senior NCOs, etc. (hail and farewells).


Purchase procedures and policies
  • Commanders or their designated representatives are not authorized to finalize purchases or place orders without fund certification from the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator. Doing so may result in the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator disavowing any obligation of the MWR to pay for such purchase or order. Only the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator or the designated representative may approve purchase requests and obligate unit funds.
  • Commanders desiring to make a purchase will submit a request for unit funds in memorandum form to the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator requesting use of the unit fund monies.
  • Commanders will provide all information required. Suggested vendors or preferred sources may be requested. If the request is an authorized purchase and funds are available in the unit's account, the purchase will be approved and processed by the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator.
  • Funds must be requested prior to purchase. Requests for unit funds up the $500 petty cash limit must be received a minimum of five working days prior to the event or purchase date. Purchases made with personal funds will not be reimbursed after the fact. Approval from FMD for an "out of pocket" purchase should be sought out first. The Euro equivalent dollar amount is dependent on the Defense Finance and Accounting Services exchange rate.
  • FMD cannot reimburse any purchases made with a credit or debit card. For example, if a unit custodian picked up $300 petty cash to make purchases at the PX and the total came out to be $301.50 and to catch the difference he kept the cash and paid with a credit card, we could not reimburse the custodian. The same would be true if he or she used the cash and paid the difference with the credit or debit card. We can only reimburse petty cash when actual cash is used. This applies to everyone, not just units, for purchases where petty cash is the desired method of procurement and/or reimbursement.
  • Failure to turn in receipts within three days will result in a hold of any additional funds or suspension of privileges.
  • Purchase requests requiring a NAF purchase order require a minimum of a 30-day lead time. Failure to meet required time schedules may result in the purchase order not being placed.
  • Failure to have a complete file or an up-to-date file in the MWR Unit Funds office will result in the request for unit funds not being processed.
  • Purchases up to the $500 or the dollar equivalent in Euro purchases in Euro according to the DFAS exchange rate will be made with petty cash.
  • A VAT form is required for all Euro purchases exceeding €50. All unused monies and receipts must be submitted to the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator within three working days after the event in order to reconcile the transaction.
  • Please note: If Unit Fund petty cash is unavailable, a purchase request (PRISM request) must be completed in order to request a check from DFAS. This process can take between 10-15 working days. Therefore, the request must be submitted in sufficient time to be processed.
  • Requests for unit funds exceeding the $500 petty cash limit that require a NAF purchase order must be received a minimum of 30-45 days prior to the event or purchase. The original purchase order is given to the vendor at the time of the purchase and a copy will be kept in the unit file. An invoice will be obtained for all purchases and attached to the copy of the purchase order. The purchase order will be signed and dated in block 26 when goods/services listed in blocks 16 and 17 are received. Return the signed purchase order to the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator within three working days after the goods/services are received. If the vendor accepts credit cards, a NAF government purchase card may be utilized to purchase the goods or services not to exceed the $5,000 single purchase limit.
  • If the vendor requires advance payment but does not accept credit cards and the total purchase exceeds $500, a PRISM request will be processed and an advance check will be requested from DFAS. Advance checks can be processed within 10-15 working days. Receipts will be returned in the same manner as with petty cash use. An advance check or a check request can also be issued if the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator has insufficient funds on hand.
General information
  • A memo requesting allocations for the upcoming fiscal year must be signed by the unit/company commander. If the unit has been deployed, the unit can request (in the same memo) for remaining balance to be carried over into the new fiscal year.
  • To request ALR funds, inform the MWR Unit Fund Custodian upon each deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • DA Form 1687, Delegation of Authority, must be renewed by no later than Oct. 30 of the new Fiscal Year.
  • A memo from the commander stating he/she has assumed command of the unit must be on file at the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator's office and updated annually or after a Change in Command.
  • A unit Alpha Roster or MTOE must be submitted each fiscal year for accurate fund allocation.
  • Unit fund financial statements are available at the DMWR FMD office. No financial information will be given out over the telephone. Only those individuals listed on the DA Form 1687 or the commander will be authorized to conduct unit fund transactions. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • VAT forms are available from the VAT office on request. Taxes charged on receipts submitted to MWR Unit Fund Coordinator may not be reimbursed.
  • A pay Adjustment Authorization Form (DD139) may be used to reimburse money or receipt not turned in to the MWR Unit Fund Coordinator. The funds would then be directly deducted from the Unit Fund Representative's pay. Therefore, it is imperative that all monies and receipts be returned in a timely manner.
  • Funds are available in both U.S. dollar and Euro currencies. Please ensure you request the appropriate currency for your purchase. UNDER NO CIRNCUMSTANCES ARE FUNDS TO BE CONVERTED TO ANY OTHER CURRENCY.

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