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Mobilization and Deployment


Assisting commanders, Soldiers, civilians and family members before, during and after deployment.
Mission Ready Families = Mission Ready Soldiers

Family readiness impacts unit readiness. In addition to a supportive chain of command, an effective Family Readiness Group is vital, especially during deployments. FRG volunteers and unit leadership are provided with the tools that are needed to maintain a successful and effective FRG through training and an endless supply of resource materials.

Pre-, Post- and Deployment Readiness Services

Mobilization and Deployment Program can provide training, briefings, workshops and resources:

  • Care Team Training and Resources
  • Children and Youth Deployment Support and Training
  • Army civilian and Family Member Deployment Support and Training
  • Pre-Deployment Support and Training for Soldiers and Families
  • Rear Detachment Commander Training and Resources
  • RESET (Reintegration Preparedness) Training and Workshops
  • Trauma in the Unit Training
  • Operation READY
  • Emergency Preparedness

Contact your Mobilization and Deployment Program Manager for a complete list of classes and trainings and to request or schedule one. Unit Briefings are available to prepare Soldiers and family members for deployment readiness.

Additional resources are available under the “Managing Deployment” section at 

Master Resiliency Training

Master Resiliency Training teaches skills that will make you stronger by building your mental toughness. These skills will also develop your ability to understand the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of yourself and others. Strengthen your relationships through learned communication strategies, respond constructively to positive experiences and discuss problems effectively.
Find your resiliency level by taking the Global Assessment Tool. This personal survey tool allows individual to confidentially assess their own physical and psychological health based on four of the five dimensions of strength: emotional, social, spiritual and family fitness. Surveys are divided into Soldier, Family member and Civilian.

Family Readiness Groups Forms and Regulations
Family Readiness Group Training

FRG Leader Training

This training includes the key factors and operational guidance essential to leading and managing  an effective and successful FRG. Required for FRG Leaders and recommended for anyone holding an FRG position. 

FRG Key Caller / Point of Contact Training

This training includes instruction on using phone trees, maintaining rosters, using community resources, effective communication techniques, and procedures to use when contacting Soldier and Family  Members. Required for FRG key callers and recommended for anyone holding an FRG position. 

FRG Treasurer Training

This training reviews detailed information about FRG funds management, including the authorized and restricted uses of FRG funds, fundraising, acceptance of unsolicited gifts and donations and the duties of a FRG treasurer. Required for FRG treasurers and recommended for FRG leaders and unit leadership.

Family Readiness Liaison Training

Successful rear detachment operations are critical to the mission accomplishment and peace of mind of Soldiers in deployed units.  The course focuses of identifying resources, support services and networks available to assist Rear Detachment Commanders and FRLs. 

Casualty Response (CARE) Team Training:

This training provides information and guidance on what the role of the FRG is during a crisis or emergency. The course includes setting up a FRG Care Team and coordinating community resources to provide assistance during a unit crisis or emergency.

Readiness Essentials for Army Leaders

Family Readiness Group Smart Book