Wiesbaden Stay at Home Chronicles

Wiesbaden Stay at Home Chronicles

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Wiesbaden Family and MWR invites members of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Community to share their stories, experiences, songs, art, recipes, pastimes, etc. through video. All appropriate submissions will be aggregated on the Wiesbaden Family and MWR YouTube channel (click on the link to view or see a sample of recently submitted videos below) and highlighted individually on Wiesbaden MWR Facebook.

We welcome all styles of visual storytelling. It can be a video essay, reading aloud from a personal journal, a performance, a poem, a cooking/gardening demo, a day in the life synopsis or anything else that illustrates how individuals are coping with the COVID-19 response.

CLASS OF 2020 -- A theme idea for students graduating this year is a "Senior Salute."  Submit a first or third person video story about the senior's experience in this unusual year.  Videos should be at least one minute long.

At conclusion, all submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $500 MWR gift card.

**** Garrison-affiliated organizations are also welcome and encouraged to contribute content; however, the prize drawing is for individual participants only.



Registration Info

How to participate:

Record your video. Please note that MWR will not perform any editing. It is at the participant’s discretion whether to introduce themselves.

Print and fill out the release form.

Send the video and release form to MWR Marketing. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:


Participants must be DoD ID cardholders or sponsored dependents.

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