Wiesbaden Hiking Club

Wiesbaden Hiking Club

Outdoor Recreation - Clay North, Bldg. 3400 Wiesbaden 65205 Google Map

This 2020 Wiesbaden Hiking Club event/program can be done at home or on any path, road or trail (open to all backpackers, hikers, Volksmarchers and walkers). 

Just put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots and get out walking as often as possible to rack up total distance traveled, even if you can only get out for a quick 5-kilometer or 10-K hike. Fill out a walking/hiking log and start tracking your hikes and total distances. Take pictures on your journey and share them on the Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation Facebook page.

Hiking Club goals: 50-Ks / 100-Ks / 250-Ks or 500-Ks

All you will need is a a good pair of walking shoes or books and the will to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Gain strength and endurance during your travels and improve your overall fitness. Help lower stress and feel empowered each day as you press forward to reaching new goals and seeing new places. 

Note: 5-Ks = 3.1 miles  / 10-Ks = 6.2 miles



Registration Info

No registration necessary -- just keep track of your kilometers hiked and share photos with the Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation Facebook page.


Hiking Checklist and Activity Logs

Click on the links below for a hiking checklist and examples of hiking/walking logs that can be printed out and used to track your kilometers on the trail.

Hiking Checklist

Hiking log

Walking Log

Weekly Walking Log